We are the Neuronal Network and Behavior research group established in 2015 at the Research Centre for Natural Sciences of the Eötvös Lóránd Research Network (Budapest, Hungary). We are driven to understand emotional brain circuits and their malfunctions, combining various neurobiological techniques, from molecular biology to behavioral assays. Feel free to surf around our official website, where you can learn about our latest news and our lab members, or get in touch with us!


    Wiring of the emotional brain


    Unit and EEG activity


    Fear, anxiety, locomotion, reward

    Molecular biology

    AAV cloning



    Ferenc Mátyás, PhD

    Principal investigator

    Boglárka Barsy, PhD

    Postdoctoral fellow

    Aletta Magyar

    PhD candidate

    Ákos Babiczky

    PhD candidate

    Judit Berczik

    Graduate student

    Tamás Herczeg

    Research assistant

    Anna Bakacsi

    Undergraduate researcher

    Roland Zsoldos

    Undergraduate researcher

    Réka Erdős

    Research assistant




    Research Centre for Natural Sciences

    Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology

    Magyar Tudósok körútja 2.

    1117 Budapest, Hungary



    +36 1 382 6682





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    Associative and plastic thalamic signaling to the lateral amygdala controls fear behavior

    Boglárka Barsy*, Kinga Kocsis*, Aletta Magyar, Ákos Babiczky, Mónika Szabó, Judit M. Veres, Dániel Hillier, István Ulbert, Ofer Yizhar & Ferenc Mátyás; 2020; Nature Neuroscience

    Control of aversion by glycine-gated GluN1/GluN3A NMDA receptors in the adult medial habenula​

    Y. Otsu, E. Darcq, K. Pietrajtis, F. Mátyás, E. Schwartz, T. Bessaih, S. Abi Gerges, C. V. Rousseau, T. Grand, S. Dieudonné, P. Paoletti, L. Acsády, C. Agulhon, B. L. Kieffer, M. A. Diana; 2019; SCIENCE

    A highly collateralized thalamic cell type with arousal-predicting activity serves as a key hub for graded state transitions in the forebrain​

    F. Mátyás* , G. Komlósi*, Á. Babiczky, K. Kocsis, P. Barthó, B. Barsy, Cs. Dávid, V. Kanti, C. Porrero, A. Magyar, I. Szűcs , F. Clasca, L. Acsády ; 2018; Nature Neuroscience

    The fear circuit of the mouse forebrain: Connections between the mediodorsal thalamus, frontal cortices and basolateral amygdala​

    Lateralization of observational fear learning at the cortical but not thalamic level in mice​

    S. Kim, F. Mátyás, S. Lee, L. Acsády, H-S. Shin; 2012; Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

    Motor Control by Sensory Cortex

    F. Matyas, V. Sreenivasan, F. Marbach, C. Wacongne, B. Barsy, C. Mateo, R. Aronoff, C. C. H. Petersen; 2010; SCIENCE


    Slow insertion of silicon probes improves the quality of acute neuronal recordings

    Dynamics of sleep oscillations is coupled to brain temperature on multiple scales​

    Ongoing Network State Controls the Length of Sleep Spindles via Inhibitory Activity

    P. Barthó, A. Slézia, F. Mátyás, L. Faradzs-Zade, I. Ulbert, K. D. Harris, L. Acsády; 2014; Neuron

    Phasic, Nonsynaptic GABA-A Receptor-Mediated Inhibition Entrains Thalamocortical Oscillations

    Z. Rovó, F. Mátyás, P. Barthó, A. Slézia, S. Lecci, C. Pellegrini, S. Astori, Cs. Dávid, B. Hangya, A. Lüthi, L. Acsády; 2014; Journal of Neuroscience

    Long‐range connectivity of mouse primary somatosensory barrel cortex​

    Membrane Potential Dynamics of GABAergic Neurons in the Barrel Cortex of Behaving Mice

    Imaging the brain in action: real-time voltage-sensitive dye imaging of sensorimotor cortex of awake behaving mice​ (book chapter)

    I. Ferezou, F. Mátyás, C. Petersen, R. D. Frostig; 2009; In: In vivo optical imaging of brain function, p. 171-192

    Identification of the sites of 2-arachidonoylglycerol synthesis and action imply retrograde endocannabinoid signaling at both GABAergic and glutamatergic synapses in the ventral tegmental area​

    F. Mátyás, G. M. Urbán, M. Watanabe, K. Mackie, A. Zimmer, T. F. Freund, I. Katona; 2008; Neuropharmacology

    Correlated species differences in the effects of cannabinoid ligands on anxiety and on GABAergic and glutamatergic synaptic transmission​

    Molecular architecture of the cannabinoid signaling system in the core of the nucleus accumbens

    Subcellular localization of type 1 cannabinoid receptors in the rat basal ganglia​

    Immunocytochemically defined interneuron populations in the hippocampus of mouse strains used in transgenic technology​

    Convergence of excitatory and inhibitory inputs onto CCK-containing basket cells in the CA1 area of the rat hippocampus​


    Institute of Experimental Medicine, Budapest, Hungary

    Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Budapest, Hungary

    University of Szeged, Hungary

    Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Budapest, Hungary

    CNRS-UPMC, Paris, France

    Institute of Experimental Medicine, Budapest, Hungary

    Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest, Hungary

    NIH, Bethesda, USA

    Institute of Experimental Medicine, Budapest, Hungary

    Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Budapest, Hungary

    Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel


    Szeged, Hungary


    Kinga Kocsis

    Graduate student
    ResearchGate, Twitter

    Anna Fehér

    Research assistant

    Gergő Tamás

    Undergraduate researcher

    Szeidl Réka

    Undergraduate researcher

    Félix Jártó

    Undergraduate researcher

    Kriszti Jedlovszky

    Visiting student

    Mónika Szabó

    Graduate student

    Karola Költő

    Undergraduate researcher

    Melinda Váncsodi

    Undergraduate researcher

    Dóra Zsíros

    Undergraduate researcher

    Katalin Varga

    Research assistant

    Vivien Kanti

    Graduate student

    Lilla Truka

    Research assistant

    Márton Horváth

    Undergraduate researcher

    Judit Veres, PhD

    Postdoctoral fellow

    Eszter Szabó-Együd

    Research assistant

    Tamás Andrei Földes

    Undergraduate researcher

    Domonkos Pinke

    Undergraduate researcher


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